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"STFU" Paisley BABY BLUE - Shop This For Us
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"STFU" Paisley Black - Shop This For Us
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"STFU" Paisley Olive - Shop This For Us
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Meet Dalon "DC" Cater

Born from the need of creating a unique product that brings happiness and coversation to the world.

SNeaker Head Collection

"JUMPMAN" - Shop This For Us
"CHECKS ONLY" - Shop This For Us
"KOBE ONLY" - Shop This For Us
"STFU" All Over Off-White - Shop This For Us
"CHECKS ONLY" - Shop This For Us
"STFU" Paisley Black - Shop This For Us
Save $40

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I want to use our "Mystery Pockets" trademark to bring the world together. If you're ever out and you see someone with our design stop and show some love to each other, and compare your1 of 1 Mystery Pockets. With your help we will be able to create more relationships built off of common ground the easiest way to start peace. -DC

Meet the Team

Our brand thrives because of the dedication and talent of our incredible team. Every member contributes their unique skills, ensuring that we deliver exceptional quality. It's their hard work and collaboration that make our brand truly exceptional.

Where we want to be

We are committed to expanding our brand's reach, striving to impact and inspire our people. With creativity and excellence at our core, we aim to set a new standard ensuring our brand's presence is felt worldwide.

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